Creating Personal Pathways to Financial Freedom

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What is G5t

Most people need to make more money, and most of our jobs don’t pay enough. Some of us want to escape mediocrity and maximize our talents and earning potential. Welcome to G5t. G5t is an online personal development company. We help you create a Personal Pathway to Financial Freedom. We revive financial hope and inspire life changes.

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Courses and Seminars

Financial Freedom Inside Out 1.0 – Utilizing the resources of two of the top money minds in America, FFIO 1.0 will disrupt unhealthy money mindsets and replace them with financial and emotional intelligences that will make a radical difference in you and help you create a personal pathway to financial freedom.

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Join G5t founder, Don Schlichte for an in person orientation.

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Ambassador Program

The G5t Ambassador Program is a way for satisfied G5t clients to pass on the education, hope, and financial intelligence you gained and experienced through the Financial Freedom Inside Out 1.0 course by hosting and facilitating live courses for family, friends in your network, or even those outside your network – while earning a generous part time income.

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Faith Communities

Some persons of faith are unnecessarily frustrated or guilt-ridden by the topic of money. We avoid and fear the "love of money" while simultaneously being uncomfortable with success. We’re often just surviving when we could be thriving. G5t has resources and insights to assist you with your faith and money struggles.

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Video Testimonials

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  • We can rise above our circumstances, we can monetize our passions. – Sarah Read More
  • This class will change your life. – Joy Read More
  • G5T changed my blueprint. – Alec Read More
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Schedule Don to Speak

Don Schlichte would love to speak at your event! Don brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in many things financial, but also family issues, church dynamics, and community leadership. Don just celebrated his 40th anniversary to his soul-mate Trish. Read more ...