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“This Course Will Change Your Life”

– Joy, G5t Alumni


What is G5T ?

G5t is an online personal development company. We help expose the hidden obstacles to your success, so you can then create a personal pathway to financial freedom.

What's in G5t for me?

If you’re stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled in your career and finances – we can help get to the root of your issues. Increased hope and self-awareness, along with clearer choices, options and opportunities are common G5t outcomes.

What's the core issue?

American’s are functioning on failed financial formulas, believing that education plus hard work and saving will lead to secure and prosperous future. Not likely in todays economic realities!

Is there hope for my situation?

Absolutely! We specialize in awakening hope. But most of us also need some serious re-education in financial matters. We specialize in emotional and financial intelligence issues.

What does G5t stand for?

This GIFT called life is meant to be enjoyed. G = Gift. Money issues and lack can ruin the joy of living. So the 5 stands for the 5 pathways of money and most of us need training in these matters. Hence, G5training!

What Makes G5T Different?

G5t is not about money management or a boring budgeting curriculum. We deal with the psychology of money. Most money struggles start with your internal scripts and programming. So that’s where G5t begins your training.

“Money is one form of power. But what is more powerful is financial education”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Meet Don

The G5t mission and content emerged out of my own struggle, journey, and subsequent self-education in financial matters. Me, my adult kids, and a growing family of clients have been radically changed by my courses. If I can be changed and liberated after three decades of “getting by,” so can you!

As a multi-decade evangelical pastor, I thought I had a good handle on the money game. I guessed wrong. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I’m out to help both churched and non-churched, believer and athiest, enjoy this gift of life by overcoming their money struggles.

At G5training, we inspire and educate in financial and personal growth matters in order that clients may live with more hope, purpose, freedom and impact.


Average Household Credit Card Debt

% of New Businesses that Fail in the First 5 Years

% of Financial Planners who Don't have a Personal Plan

Average Student Loan Indebtedness

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this program faith based?

Don’s personal worldview is decidedly Christian, but his 1.0 course is faith neutral and has proven transformational for persons of any faith. One of his blog categories is “God and Money” and evangelical Christians may find some help and inspiration there.

What does the course cover?

Broadly speaking, the course covers intermal money programming issues and then adds on financial literacy and intelligence skills. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy terms though, at the end of the course you’ll understand all three and how they can revolutionize your financial future.

I just want to get ahead - can G5t help me?

The simple answer is yes, but is “getting ahead” the sum of what you really want? G5training will help you re-evaluate and envision a bigger, brighter future than getting ahead. Many clients experience “ah ha” moments as they are more free to contemplate what they really want.

How can I afford your course?

Your lack of financial intelligence is costing you in lost revenure, unfulfilled dreams, and maybe letting money be your master. Turn the question around and say – right now – how can I afford it? You just changed the game and set in motion a simple law which says – where there’s a will there’s a way. Try it, it works.

What if I can't change?

You certainly can change, but research shows that in order to change it takes new energy sources and new templates of information. You need new motivation, new knowledge, and, well a cheerleader to help you along. G5t specializes in all of the above. You’ll see.

Why G5t over other programs?

G5t is a foundational by nature. Most clients can’t or don’t follow the advice/instructions of other programs because they don’t understand their own internal programming and their limited “earn and spend” money making skills hold them in bondage.

"This class helped me overcome my fears about money & my future"

– Gary, G5t alumni

"G5t gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur"

– Bob, G5t alumni

"Being a part of G5t completely transformed the way I think about money"

– Shelly, G5t alumni

"G5t is a 'Blow Your Mind' experience that will help you think 'right' about wealth"

– Jerome, G5t alumni


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