While driving to my grandsons robotics competition with family and friends, and in the spirit of making the most of the time for those 26 road hours over a four day period, I highlighted some quotes from the book, The Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud, which I found clever and compelling. So here’s a taste.

“Awareness gives you a choice…It gives you the option of having a functional focus in life.” Without awareness, or especially a healthy self-awareness, most of us glide through life thinking what we think is normal and logical. Oftentimes, we think those thoughts even though the fruit of those thoughts is not healthy, helpful, energizing, or in the case of money, has us in bondage. We’re broke!

How is it that we can go through our years in such a blind, unaware state? My answer in one word –PROGRAMMING – or for my G5t alums, BLUEPRINT. We believe what we believe because it’s been ingrained and trained into us through our families, friends, churches, and culture in general. We think we’re “independent” thinkers, but we’re selective thinkers who have chosen pathways, emotional and financial, from a narrow data base called our experiences.

How do you escape from such a state, when you don’t even know you’re in such a state? Be willing. Be hungry for something new and different. Most of us are comfortable and “play it safe” conscious to a point where we don’t or won’t entertain alternatives, whether they be dreams, goals, doctrines, experiences, convictions, and much more. Comfort and fear are killing creativity, innovation, and  experimentation to name but a few.

As many self-help gurus are known to say, it’s either Pain or Pleasure that drives most people. But for many, it’s neither. We’re stuck in comfortable, don’t rock the boat mode, unchallenged and unfulfilled.  We’re looking for love and life in all THE SAME PLACES, never venturing beyond our comfort zones. Whitehead says awareness leads to choice, which leads to options, and the option of a functional focus in life.  I like it.

My suggestion: Read something different, take a class, attend a conference, or whatever, but for sure, rock the comfort boat.