I was a bi-vocational pastor for over three decades until my “retirement” in 2013. Retirement isn’t quite the right word. Retooled or repositioned may be a more appropriate description of my career journey and where I’m at today. You see, financially, I lived month to month with my wife Trish of 41 years, raising our six children on a single income, not worrying about the future and not planning ahead for our senior years together.

When I turned 50 I began to see the writing on the wall. If I don’t change what I’m doing financially, my wife and I will be dependent on others for our needs and we’ll more than likely be very poor during our senior years. That didn’t sit well with me.

What took so long for me to “see the light?” Well, I believe it was a financial blueprint or money programming that was instilled in me first through my biological family – a small town, Midwest, rural upbringing that didn’t include hardly any financial training except the honorable value of working hard – and secondly, after becoming a Christian at the age of 18, , I joined the protestant, evangelical church culture. That particular brand of Christianity didn’t have much to say about money except manage it well and give the first of your income, called tithing, which I did faithfully all through the years. There was a pretty strong sentiment among us to forsake your financial future in light of the spiritual needs of the world and those around us.

Although I have fond memories and continuing relationships with my parents and the Christians I associated with in those developmental years – no regrets if you will – I was awakened in my 50’s to the need to vastly improve my financial intelligence and net worth – quickly.  Over the last decade I’ve improved my financial lot and prospects through financial self-education, real estate investing and entrepreneurship in general.

I started in earnest to read and study the top success and wealth building books in the marketplace. Authors like Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Gary Keller, and others, both Christian and non-Christian authors, and I began to see a collective wisdom in their writings that helped me immensely. I suspect that this wisdom was always out there, but I either wasn’t ready for it or the groups I associated with didn’t emphasize it – I think it was both.

I have gone through such a radical financial transformation – without abandoning my spiritual roots – that I have started a for-profit company called G5training. At G5t, I un-wrap the GIFT of FINANCIAL FREEDOM through my first course – Financial Freedom Inside Out 1.0.  I help people realize the “GIFT” through the FIVE E’s of Moneys Pathway. The principles and pathways highlighted in G5t will awaken financial hope and advance financial intelligence.