Sounds like a silly question doesn’t it? Of course we all know money is green paper with famous people’s pictures on them! We know money is what makes the world go-round. Money buys things – right? We know that money is the source of a lot of our problems and pressures, or maybe for some, the source of much pleasure. Do we really care what money is or do we just want more of it? Probably the latter I’d guess.

But think with me now. If you don’t understand the core purpose of an object, the very essence of it’s being, then you will probably miss out on the blessing of its intended usage. For instance, a golf ball can be used as a hanging guide to know when to stop as you enter the garage. That works for some. Not a golf balls highest and best use but better that than crunching your bumper on the front wall.

How about a hammer? Great on a nail and oh so painful on the thumb. Can’t you just feel the pain right now?

Most things have a highest and best use. So back to our original question. What is money? Let me give it to you quick and clean. Money is a tool. Money is an exchange, a currency between two parties. Money represents value exchanged. A plumber fixes my water heater in exchange for green paper with pictures on it – called money. Or, the plumber accepts a credit card, which represents a unit of measure. So money is a unit of measure, representing value exchanged, usually the value of goods and services passing between parties. Money represents the fruit of our labor.

HO HUM – SO WHAT YOU SAY? Well, why so much worry and fretting and angst in our lives concerning the topic of money? Frankly, why is it such a pain in the butt for many of us? Why do we spend 40-80 hours a week for most of our lives earning money when maybe we didn’t or don’t like our boss, our co-workers, or the actual work itself? Why is there a restaurant called TGIF? Hmmm, I guess because we have to make a living. Maybe, but maybe not.

Money doesn’t make a good master or God. It can be a nasty, merciless slave driver, and it doesn’t respond to your prayers. You can worship it, but really, that’s pretty shallow don’t you think? You can ignore it and say it’s not important, but that has its downsides also.

Let’s think about moneys highest and best use. Well, it’s simply a tool that represents your contribution to the marketplace. It means that if you want more money along with the freedoms and stuff it buys – then bring more value – more goods and services to the marketplace. Solve problems for people and you’ll make more money.