I grew up in a family and a church culture that valued hard work above – well, pretty much every other value, when it came to finances anyway. Therefore, for several decades, I operated under this core value that went like this – hard work will get you anywhere you want to go. The problem is it didn’t work out that way in real life and it left me financially unprepared for my senior years.

A good percentage of my boomer generation has this problem. We value hard work at the expense of other financial attitudes, aptitudes, and skills that, if known, would free us from the burdensome anticipation of working hard into our seventies and eighties, when, we neither want to, nor will be unable to keep up such a pace.

For example, I belong to a Thursday morning networking group of 22 business owners whose sole purpose in meeting is to pass along business referrals. This particular group’s motto is “givers gain.” The more referrals you give the more referrals you receive.

Our networking group is especially strong in the real estate and construction trades. A painter, locksmith, or carpet cleaner would fit in very well. Any one of those businesses would easily receive several referrals a month equaling hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars of business per month.

Here’s the problem. For many “hard working” tradesman, they are not “free” to miss two hours of valuable work time on Thursday morning in order to generate sales that will greatly exceed the cost of missing two hours of work. It doesn’t make any sense right – wrong. It makes perfect sense to the person who values the hard work = money formula.

Some of my boomer contemporaries are so locked into a “work for money” mindset that they don’t see there are alternatives. They don’t see because they’re either not looking for alternatives, and or, nobody in their sphere of influence is exposing them to the alternatives – until now.

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