Many of us experienced Christians know it was for freedom that Christ set us free. There are many types and arenas of freedom. Emotional freedom. Spiritual freedom. Relational freedom. Political freedom and more. How about financial freedom? Many of us are over reacting to the biblical word prosperity. Prosperity can lead to financial freedom.

I’ve identified some of the motives in previous blogs. Motives that sound and feel spiritual or biblical, but upon closer examination they are reactive, over-simplifications, and fear based rather than faith based in my opinion.

Think about this scenario. You grow up in a Christian family. You see your parents working hard to make a living – well into their senior years. They value hard work, giving, faithful stewardship of God’s blessings, and devotion to the church. They are good, salt of the earth people and excellent employees. They are awesome church members and community volunteers. They are very blessed and feel very blessed as believers and as citizens of the U.S.A. and it’s opportunities. They don’t have much financial margin though, either on a month to month basis, nor in relation to saving/investing for their senior years. They are definitely not “lovers of money.” They have a sense of financial security because of their faith, but they are not what you would call financially free or financially independent.

The children of these parents are blessed for sure and will by and large imitate the path of their parents example and training.

How about family number two? They are very similar to the family above except for this significant difference. At the beginning of their earning careers this young couple had a vision for financial freedom and independence. They had a goal of developing passive or residual income from the beginning (for the newbies, passive or residual income is when money comes in each month without much direct labor on your part – most Americans focus on earned income and by and large are beholden to a job/employer all their working lives). Family #2 is keen on “building their asset box” through real estate purchases and they are always on the lookout for home based businesses with large scaling upsides. It’s part of their vision and mission, their commitment and their faith. ¬†They are just like family #1 above in their devotion, church membership and community activism.

Here’s the big, big difference between family #1 and family #2. As they approach their 40’s, couple #2 has purchased five rental properties along the way and paid off two of them. Those five rental properties bring in $3000 a month in relatively passive income as they have a property management company take care of the monthly maintenance. Both mom and dad are self-employed at this stage and they currently have two businesses which are bringing in more than double what they need to “make a living.” Couple #2 have “failed” at several of their business experiments, but they knew from the beginning a “failure” is the price of education in the business world and their skills and character have are now really beginning to pay off. Their vision to be “millionaires” is not selfish and it is not all consuming. It’s the natural outcome of the vision they had when they said “I do.” It’s just that their I do had more “richer” in it than “poorer.”

Couple #2 has several serious advantages over couple #1. Because of their early vision and the price they paid to achieve it, couple #2 has margin in their lives. They have more flexibility and time for their kids, their church and their community. They spend less time worrying over monthly provision and more time dreaming of the ministry passions they have inside of them. They are in the envious position of “more than enough.” They are excited about the options and opportunities they have in front of them. They are basically financially free. Their prosperity has emerged because of vision, faith, sacrifice, skill, courage and persistence.

Couple #2 will leave an inheritance to their children’s children – and I don’t mean just money. Couple #2 has passed on their vision, their financial intelligence’s and their courage to their children. The pathway of prosperity isn’t easy, nor is it “from the devil.” It’s the wisdom in action which Solomon highlighted in Proverbs 3 & 8 when he opined – although (wisdom) is better than silver and gold (most of us say a hearty amen to that) – none the less, it yields “riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity.”

It’s all in the perspective folks. What you focus on expands. Be it done to you according to your faith.