“No way” I said to my wife. I have been in that garage and looked for this mysterious light – maybe four times – and I was convinced it did not exist.

I was selling a house we had and the “punch list” included repairing or replacing a lighting fixture in the garage and replacing the light cover on said light.. The sale date was fast approaching and the buyers did their final walk through and again requested the light in the garage be repaired or replaced. What is going on here I said to myself? So I drove the 20 miles to the house to prove to my wife and son (my realtor) that indeed there was only one light in this garage and it was fine.

The fact is, I had looked for this mysterious light before when I reviewed the punch list, and in my search I noticed an open electrical box in the ceiling, near the garage door opener. Now mind you, this is a small, one car garage. So I put a plate over the box because it was not used or needed and assumed I had fixed what they were calling a light fixture problem.

So here’s how the “proving it doesn’t exist” inspection goes. I enter said residence and turn the garage light on. I enter garage by the access door from the kitchen area, where the front of a car would be if a car was in the garage. I am skeptically scanning the ceiling from where I stand in the back of the garage, across the ceiling towards the front of the garage. I see the one florescent fixture which is working fine. I see the actual garage door opener. I see the plate next to the garage door opener which I used to cover the electric box. I see nothing else. I knew it. There is no second light fixture in this garage. What are they talking about?

I walk to the front of the garage scanning the ceiling. Again, this is a one car garage. It measures 11 feet by 20 feet.  I have been in this garage 40 times in the course of my ownership of it, four of which I was intentionally looking for this mysterious light. I see nothing.

So I turn toward the back of the garage with the intent to scan this ceiling one more worthless time. And WALLA! It’s like Chevy Chase turning on the Christmas lights on his house and it finally works. There it is. A typical 12 by 48 inch fluorescent light fixture, receded slightly into the ceiling. without a grated plastic cover and no bulbs – within two feet of the garage door opener and the electric box plate I had installed. Good grief, how could I have missed it. It’s right there plain as day as we say. Once I “saw” it, I saw it.

Now I’m sure many a male reader had this happen to them while looking for something in the refrigerator or pantry and your wife walks over and picks up the item you can’t find and says “open your eyes and shut your mouth dear” as she hands it to you. But this garage light thing was different. It wasn’t like a refrigerator with 40 items in it all looking the same to me, nor was it a pantry with 100 items in it where Columbo at his best couldn’t find it. No, it was a garage ceiling with maybe five items on it. Crazy – but instructional.

When you don’t “see” something because you’ve never seen it before and you don’t think it exists even when someone who’s seen it says it exists, then you have what’s called a full blown case of a blind spot. You don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t see what in your mind doesn’t exist.

If you can’t “see” yourself achieving more or making more money or running a successful business, then guess what, it doesn’t exist for you. I wonder what percentage of us are flying blind like this in regards to our potential. Sadly, I think it’s a universal limitation, especially if you live in a relatively “comfortable” culture with economic opportunity all around you (think U.S.A.).

I was motivated because I wanted to make my client happy and get this property sold. Comfort-ability can kill potential. You may need someone to tell you “it exists.” If you’re the skeptic, then you’ll be motivated to prove to them it doesn’t. You’ll get off your blind horse and find out – WALLA – it actually does exist.

This what my course Financial Freedom Inside Out does for my clients. I tell them “it exists.” They are curious enough, stubborn enough, or needy enough to say, “I’ll check it out.” Then the journey really begins. Now you’re in the game of reaching your potential.