About G5t

The Genesis of G5t emerged from my own financial journey and self-education. I went through a serious money transformation in my 50’s. The material I utilize in G5t radically changed my hopes, my expectations, my financial intelligence, and my skills. I realized – and my clients have confirmed – that more than 90% of the population has not been exposed to or trained in what I call the Pathway of Money.

My wife, soul-mate, and partner of 41 years, Trish, and our five adult children, have developed several family business enterprises through the years. Trish is a seamstress by heart and trade, and joins alongside me in our multiple family enterprises.

If, as one author states, wealth is a “condition of well-being,” then certainly I am a wealthy man. And as Solomon espouses in Ecclesiastes – when a man is enabled to enjoy his life, his wife, his work and possessions – this indeed is a GIFT from God.

The modern maze of money matters – from the burden of credit card debt, to marital money spats, to frustrating job environments, to fear-filled financial futures, and worst of all, to unrealized dreams and under-utilized talents– the combination of these is stealing the joy, vitality, and security for far too many of us. We’re missing out on this GIFT called life, oftentimes because of persistent money pressures.

Most of our money decisions are emotionally based from prior family, church, and peer conditioning. Most of your marital money struggles are due to differences in your money blueprints. Not right or wrong – just different. G5t re-programs your money files so you are free to pursue your desires and dreams. Changing your internal money formulas while improving your external money skills is the strength and focus of G5t.