“This course will change your life.”

Awaken your financial hope and find a personal pathway to financial freedom.  



Are you in debt that feels overwhelming and unmanageable?

Are you nearing retirement age and realize you didn’t prepare well enough?

Is the money mindset you were raised with not working in today’s economy?

Are you sick of struggling to just “get by?”

You can change your financial destiny… let me show you how.

“This course has healed every part of our lives. It has given us the knowledge to double our income over the years we’ve studied with Don, but also created the space to meet our emotional, spiritual and financial needs.”

– Sarah & Aaron

Your internal programming dictates the financial experience you live in.

Many, if not all, of our financial outcomes, whether it’s being in debt, struggling to pay the bills, or worries about the future are the results of internal programming that you and I accumulate over our lifetime (through parental guidance, church leadership, or peer influences).

With a little study, guidance, and intentional action, your internal financial programming can be changed.

You can get ahead of your monthly bills (and have enough to save and give).

You can have the retirement you truly want, no matter what age you are now.

You can learn to have money work for you instead of working so hard for your money.

You can take control of your financial situation and live financially free.

You can reach your God given potential.

In this course, I walk you through the resources of two of the top money minds in America to disrupt unhealthy money mindsets and replace them with financial and emotional intelligence that makes a radical difference in who you are and how you interact with money.

In our 12-weeks together, I expose you to these financial and emotional intelligence issues so you can more effectively and confidently create your own personal pathway to financial freedom.

"My wife and I paid off $160,000 in debt when we applied these principles, without our income changing."

"This class helped me overcome my fears about money & my future."

"This course revealed what I was missing about money."

"This course gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur."

"This course gave me confidence. It pushed me to take control over my finances and my health - and I grew my business because of it."

"This course completely transformed the way I think about money."

"This course allowed us to put the money behind our dreams."

"This is a 'Blow Your Mind' experience that will help you think 'right' about wealth."

"We went from eating at a food bank to buying our own groceries."


A guided course to change your financial future

Ignite your financial dreams

We’ll explore what your ideal financial future looks like so we can navigate how to get there (you can’t GPS a location without the address, right?).  Just imagine life without financial troubles – that might mean being 100% debt free, working for yourself, or retiring in the next ten years – whatever you most desire, that’s what we’re here to help you accomplish.

Address your money limits

We all have internal programming that dictates our financial results (such as how much debt you accummulate, your income level, and how much you save).  I’ll walk you through simple strategies for changing the internal programming that holds you back from accomplishing  financial  results beyond your current circumstances, (so that you can change it, for good).

Create a pathway to freedom

You’ll learn the pathways and principles of money so you can live in harmony with greater financial flow and accomplish your big financial dreams. You’ll also be connected with the inspiration you need to dream bigger AND  keep moving forward when the action steps aren’t easy.

Increase your financial intelligence

In order to grow, we have to learn and apply new things, right? We’ll utilize resources from some of the best money minds in American, so that your financial literacy, money mindset, and understanding of wealth sky rockets to new levels.

Awaken your hope

One of the biggest benefits my clients report is feeling a newfound sense of hope. I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of AND give you the tools to do something about it. (After taking Financial Freedom Inside Out, you’ll feel hopeful about EVERY area of your life.)

“We needed hope that things could change – this course gave us that.”

– Shelly & Bob

Meet Don

The G5t mission and content emerged out of my own struggle, journey, and subsequent self-education in financial matters. Me, my adult kids, and a growing family of clients have been radically changed by my courses. If I can be changed and liberated after three decades of “getting by,” so can you!

As a multi-decade evangelical pastor, I thought I had a good handle on the money game. I guessed wrong. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I’m out to help both churched and non-churched, believer and athiest, enjoy this gift of life by overcoming their money struggles.

“We were doing okay – doing what the world does – but we knew we were missing something. This course revealed those things to us.”

Average Household Credit Card Debt

% of New Businesses that Fail in the First 5 Years

% of Financial Planners who Don't have a Personal Plan

Average Student Loan Indebtedness

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the course cover?

Broadly speaking, the course covers internal money programming issues and then adds on financial literacy and intelligence skills. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy terms though, at the end of the course you’ll understand all three and how they can revolutionize your financial future.

What's your success rate with clients?

Financial success can mean many things to many people, whether you’re looking to pay off debt completely, raise your standard of living, or even live up to your financial potential – people apply this content and experience big financial shifts in ways they had been wanting to for years. If you improve your money intelligence and your internal programming, it will show up financially.

How much does the course cost?

Financial Freedom 1.0 is a $349.00 and includes the 12-module course.  Financial Freedom 2.0, the most popular choice, includes the 12-module course AND access to a membship site where I can support your path – this option costs $39.99 per month for 12-months.

What makes this different from other courses?

What makes us different is that I dissect financial knowledge and give you an exact way to apply it. My job is to take the guesswork out of the equation and show you how to apply financial principles (in some cases, the same ones you could find in books & other courses) to your specific situation so you don’t have to figure out HOW all by yourself.

Is this program faith based?

Don’s personal worldview is decidedly Christian, but his 1.0 & 2.0 course is faith neutral and has proven transformational for persons of any faith.  The materials have helped people to pay off debt, start new businesses, and increase their annual income, no matter what their religious affiliation.

How can I afford the course?

Your lack of financial intelligence is costing you in lost revenure, unfulfilled dreams, and maybe letting money be your master. Turn the question around and say – right now – how can I afford it? You just changed the game and set in motion a simple law which says – where there’s a will there’s a way. Try it, it works.

“We had a lack of knowledge and we knew it – we wanted to understand why what we were doing wasn’t working. We figured it out with this course.”

Control your financial future. Get Started Now!