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Don brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in many things financial, but also family issues, church dynamics, and community leadership. Don just celebrated his 41th anniversary to his soul-mate Trish. They raised six kids together and now enjoy the fruits of grand parenting (nine and counting). Don was a bi-vocational pastor for 33 years, a 16 year school board member (8 years as board president) in a high achieving school district, and now a “re-purposed” small business entrepreneur and “life change” speaker.

Speaking Topics:

Personal and Family Finances

The economy has evolved and radically changed since the “golden era” of 1948 -1970. Many Americans feel the effects of those changes in their pocketbooks, in the job market, and in their outlooks for themselves and their kid’s futures, but are ill prepared, both internally and in their skill sets to cope and thrive. Don provides a good dose of economic reality, of personal financial self-awareness, and a generous serving of hope.


  • The Hidden Motive in Money Matters – How Blueprints Affect Outcomes
  • The Psychology of Money – Internal Formula’s that Help or Hinder
  • What’s Your Financial Future – Optimism or Pessimism?
  • The Financial Landscape in America Has Changed – Have You?
Evangelicals and Money Matters

Don brings an enthusiastic, authentic, faith filled message of hope to Christ followers in or out of the church. Broadly speaking, the evangelical world is in decline in America and its showing up financially. Traditional messages of stewardship and giving are proving inadequate for many families. Our energies are focused on paying bills and surviving, while our talents lay dormant and our potential unrealized.


  • Financial Freedom and Faith – a five module seminar for churches (see description here)
  • The Process of Manifestation – Adjusting an Old Formula for New Challenges
  • Your Definition of Money – Matters
  • Ambition is Not a Four Letter Word
  • Your Interpretation of Scripture May Be Killing You
  • Jesus Said Faith Would Move Mountains – But What About Mine?
Community Leadership

Why do some states, communities, school districts, businesses, churches and even families prosper, while others languish and lag? We’ve heard it starts and stops with leadership and it’s true – but what’s the recipe?


  • Someone Has To Plow the Snow for Others
  • Leadership Qualities that Make a Difference
  • Servant Leadership is not Passive Leadership

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